Product Description

The ImagePath ClearView Series is a line of professional format Full HD LCD display that offer a full set of commercial-grade features with superior visual performance. Our Digital Signage are available in 43", 49" and 55". The ImagePath ClearView Series 4K display deliver the best performance and reliability on 75", 86", 98", professional 4K display technology and remains simple in operation and easy to maintain. The display is ideal combination of value, performance and energy saving benefits of LED backlight technology. Suitable for Restaurant, Public Area, Bank, Education, Retail Store, Function Room and Lobby. Design for extended commercial use and project based, each ImagePath ClearView series model is recommended for up to 24x7 operation and come with a wide range of advance features included media playback and storage, built-in speaker and a standard metal bezel. The ImagePath ClearView Series includes Digital Signage Media and Content Management System (CMS) application for total Digital Signage solution with no additional requirement for media player and software. Our Digital Signage brightness level is beyond of a standard television brightness yet the quality of the display is remarkable and ImagePath ClearView Series display deliver a vibrant image and message that attract the attention of any audience.